• Fridays, 7:00pm9:00pm

Nervous Energy  focuses on newer punk metal and hardcore, with reference to past acts.
Audience call in would be encouraged. Weekly shows could have a different
focus, one week could be tapes, one week could be a certain label, or
geographic region, or time period.            

Music is energy. You are
energy. Energy is the only reality. It is unparalleled – unmatched –
unstoppable. We can call it punk. It is the music you love but better faster
smarter. Music has been incinerated, burning away commercialism, aesthetic, product,
appeal, and only form and energy are left. Capture this energy every friday on
wruu 1075 at 7 pm.

While tuning into 1075 wruu on friday nights at 7 pm it is recommended you
perform the following actions  1)  Tie down all loose furniture  2) Bite down on a stick  3) Lock all exterior doors and 4) Vibrate uncontrollably through space time as we together examine
contemporary and historical diy expressions of emotional explosion from around
the world.

We celebrate the energetic musical visions of weirdos and mutants of
all colors creeds types and limb numbers.

Modern life breeds anxiety. Please remember during the duration of this broadcast
that you are energetically powerful and therefore more than a rat in a wheel,
in a maze, in a prison. As your pupils dilate you become a human power plant of
undeniable potential, a capacitor outputting your own nervous energy. Use your
power wisely.

Host Alex

Raffray has

in Savannah for 6 years now, played in multiple bands, booked shows, tours,
promoted.  He loves punk, and he is embarrassingly passionate about that. 

He is on a mission to bring
you the finest music this universe has to offer, with a focus on the modern
year’s DIY offerings. People outside of the mainstream are making expressive,
raw, energetic music, and he’s spent hours collecting and cultivating this
music for your enjoyment. There is a little something for everyone here.  His favorite band is X. His favorite
color is blue. He likes the ocean. All you need to know about him is in his
manifesto printed above.


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7:00pm, 1-5-2018

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