• Fridays, 6:00pm7:00pm

SandyCONVO features
interviews, CONVOS- conversations and gospel and soul music with host Sandy James. From
local artists & community leaders to real everyday people with a story to
tell, every friend coming to SandyCONVO will be in for a ride with her blunt
tell it how it is humor and a gift of gab. The results will make you want to
stay in the car and listen for more.

James has been in the music field for the last 9 years. Most recently she has
been the music director at The Church God’s Dwelling Place in Savannah, Georgia
and served as the president of the Armstrong Gospel Choir.  She has had experience and drive to
host events and hold forums. She enjoys to talk with everyday people about
their experiences or have a good topical discussion and sometimes debate about
issues. She does her research and loves to talk about any topic. She has formed
great business relationships just from a good conversation. She looks to positively
impact music and talk radio.

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