• Sundays, 1:00pm2:00pm

Sister Sound, hosted by Josephine Johnson 

This program will explore women’s issues and voices in the Low
Country and South East region. Program will focus on local and regional
women in music and highlight achievements of local and regional women in
the arts, science and business.  It will combine a music show and news

Sundays 1-2 pm starting this Sunday 3-19-17

Hosted by: Josephine Johnson loves WRUU community
radio. She attended SCAD, earned an MA in English from Humboldt State
University, has taught (and sang!) in China, Laos, and Thailand. She
writes, takes photos, likes meeting new people and learning about them. A
singer songwriter ever with an ear for the unusual, Josephine lived and
worked in Los Angeles, California, as a musician and ESL instructor
before returning to Savannah.

Are you a woman in music? A woman mover and shaker of the Lowcountry? Contact Josephine at SisterSoundSavannah@gmail.com.

She’d like to hear your story.

Also here is a youtube link to Rachael Shaner’s interview:

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