• Tuesdays, 11:00am12:00pm

Host:  Nick Palumbo

The Square  We also serve to
inform listeners to become more knowledgeable of Savannah’s development
process so that each listener feels empowered just by tuning in.  As our
city embarks on the quest to adopt a new vision for our tricentennial
in 2033, The Square exists to ask, “What will it look like?”

Nick Palumbo is the founder and chief volunteer of Smart Growth
Savannah – an all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting great
neighborhoods in our beautiful city. In addition, Nick also serves as
president of the Ardsley Park/Chatham Crescent Neighborhood Association,
one of Savannah’s historic communities located in Midtown. After
embarking on both ventures as a planning and development layman, he saw
an opportunity to share some of his experiences over the radio. His
investigative approach to the built environment seeks to demystify the
development process while shining a light on our city’s rich history.
The Square is produced by John Bennett. Tune in Mondays at 6 pm. [The
first Tuesday of each month will be a new show, with encore presentations on subsequent weeks of the month.]

Like Nick at: https://www.facebook.com/thesquaresavannah

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