• Thursdays, 9:00pm10:00pm

Pillow Fight  Host Erin Stoner  

Pillow Fight’s
mission is simple: to get light and dance your cares away! Besides, what
could be more light-hearted than a pillow fight? 

The show is
eclectic and will span multiple genres like 80’s, disco, house, hip hop,
R&B, soul, funk, and anything else that might make a body move.

So grab your pillows and let the fluff and feathers fly!

*photo by Ben Lamb Photography

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email us requests, suggestions and good vibes: PillowFightWRUU@gmail.com

A visceral playground of dance party good vibes, designed to get a
little groove going; a fun mix of house, electronic, dance, funk, hip
hop, disco, soul and whatever else might be ‘in tune’ … feel good music.

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