Public Service Announcement-PSA

Public Service Announcements for Non-Profit Organizations [PSA]
We also provide Community Outreach with free, 60 second public service announcements that promote the activities of non-profit organizations serving Chatham county.

Please include your Federal non-profit ID, submit in no more than 60 words, what is the event; where is the location, including complete street address; when is the day and time, including the day of the week; who is the sponsoring organization and/or beneficiary; and contact information – person’s name, phone number, email address and/or website—in case listeners have questions.

The FCC has strict guidelines for Public Service Announcements.  WRUU-lp Savannah Soundings‘s  programming team are trained to help you craft your message to meet those guidelines. PSAs are read at the discretion of WRUU’s volunteer programmers, when time is available.

Email your complete PSA to:
To learn more about these and other WRUU’s opportunities,  please contact us and one of our team members  will contact you!